AIO 808D PCC E Cigarette


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Battery Capacity:Innokin

Operating Voltage:Shenzhen China

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Brief Features:

The Innokin AIO is a handy unit with pretty appearance.  AIO is smaller than a pack of regular cigs, and half the depth, convenient for e-smokers store in shirt pocket, pants pocket, etc. It will ensure that the battery is charged and ready for use at all times. Innokin AIO can store 3 tanks. Innokin currently offers 4 AIO PCC e cigarettes: AIO 510 e cigarette, AIO KR-808D-1 e cigarette, AIO 510-T e cigarette, AIO noble e cigarette. There are currently 6 colors available for Innokin AIO: Black, blue, silver, pink, red and white.

A full kit of Innokin AIO includes the AIO pack charge box and the 3 most popular power connectors for iPhone/iPods, MiniUSB (Motorola/Blackberry), a Micro USB (Motorola/Nokia/LG/Samsung). 
Innokin AIO Pack main features:

Longest lasting lithium-polymer batteries
The AIO Pack is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery (3.7v 1020mAh polymer li-ion) that makes this unit a personal charging case (PCC).

Different shaped connectors for DC-IN and DC-OUT
To ensure the proper electric plug is always available, the AIO Pack uses different shaped connectors for DC-IN and DC-OUT. It includes a 2.0 DC round port for charging the built-in battery and a MINI USB port for the AIO pack to charge other plug-in devices.

Powerful charging function

Aio can recharges the battery when it's in the case. it can also recharges other 510 batteries and other devices via a universal adapter (supplied with kit). AIO Pack can charge e-cig batteries with myriad of thread types. Batteries are held by friction instead of a thread. The battery management system continually monitors and charges the spare battery. Easy charge icons are located on the side for users to see the battery level, charging progress of the pack and spare electronic cigarette battery at any time.

Mobile power supply
Innokin AIO is also a mobile power supply as immediate use for phone, such as iPod/iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Mini USB, Micro USB, Sony Ericsson.

LED power capacity indicator
In addition to the power on/off switch, the AIO Pack has a button for users to check the built-in battery power capacity.The LED lights will show green, orange or red to indicate whether there is full battery life, half capacity or charging needed.

Battery Shortage detection
The Innokin AIO pack can also detect when a battery has shorted, thus avoiding a current surge.

Size: IK-1201 fit for Innokin 808D/510-T:   100.5mm*55.5mm*16mm
          IK-1200 fit for Innokin Noble/510:    92mm*55.5mm*16mm

AIO 808D (IK-1201) PCC e cigarette starter kit (gift box):

1X AIO  ( 1020 mAh Polymer Li-ion rechargeable )

1x 808D black polymer li-ion rechargeable battery

3x 808D low resistance cartomizers

1 x USB DC input retractable cable

1x Mini USB output retractable cable

1x Universal adaptor wheel

1x AIO Carrying bag

1x Instruction manual